‘What We Know Now’ 2019-2021

December 1, 2020

‘What We Know Now’ is the title of an installation of pieces which I have shown in a number of exhibitions starting in 2019.
This work concerns the important issue of climate change and the consequences that global warming will have on food crops if the temperature rise is not limited to 2 degrees.

My installation consist of petri dishes containing various ceramic ‘fruits’ though these do not look delectable or appetizing and their appearance lack the colours of healthy ripe fruits. Instead they impart a vision of ‘future’ inedible fruits as they all appear brown, grey, shrivelled up, mouldy or deceased. Severe flooding and heat events are already happening and cause serious damage to food production threatening food security world wide.
The title for this piece is a chapter heading(used with permission) from the book : ‘Things We Didn’t See Coming’ by Melbourne writer Steven Amsterdam.

2019 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award

2019 Collective X at Slow Clay. Profit of sales donated to The Climate Council.

2020 ‘Vitrine’ display at Craft Victoria. Profit of sales donated to www.WithOneSeed.org.au

2020 Liminal //A Shared Distance Banyule online exhibition.

2021 ‘Melting Pot’ Cairns Art Gallery