LeneK J Small 02 Newsletter #3

I am very pleased to tell you that my work was selected for the 2013 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award Exhibition at the Manningham Gallery in Doncaster.
The exhibition is open 11th July till 17th August.

My piece consists of many small hand-formed porcelain shapes displayed on 2 shelves (made by artist Andrew Potocnik).

The title is : Memento Argil for Andy and Ida.
Artists Statement:
The journey through years of working with clay has for me mainly been inspired by nature and I continue to explore new ideas using various materials and techniques. The porcelain shapes are displayed in groups or singularly without utilitarian purposes. The interiors have colourful glazes applied and the exteriors remain unglazed with a smooth finish contrasting with the brown of the shelf. Many pieces reference vessels, others are more sculptural. Some resemble flower buds or something found in the sea and all are intended to be contemplated purely for the forms, delicacy and relationship between shapes. The method of making is hand forming or pinching except for one piece which is wheelthrown. This technique is both simple and challenging, but also satisfying to accomplish. Explanation of the title: Memento – a reminder of the tactile pleasure of forming by hand. Argil – white clay. Andy – Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy makes extraordinary art works from natural materials often using only his hands to create. Ida – a small girl who plays with flowers in the fairy tale Little Ida’s flowers by Hans Christian Andersen.