‘A Gift of Fire’

May 26, 2023

‘A Gift of Fire’

‘A Gift of Fire’

A showcase of Ceramic Art in Banyule by

Avis Gardner
Min Johnson
Irianna Kanellopoulou
Amy Kennedy
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

These artists use this versatile medium in different ways from functional to sculptural, from practical to whimsical, and anything in between.

12 April – 4 June
at Art Gallery 275 – Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub

Wednesday – Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

‘A Gift of Fire’
Artist Statement by
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen.

Eucalyptus seed capsules or ‘gumnuts’ have fascinated me since I first encountered them in the
Australian bush having moved from Denmark to Victoria. Everything about eucalyptus trees I find
interesting as they are so different from trees growing in the Northern Hemisphere. Learning about
nature contributes greatly towards a feeling of connection and belonging when getting to know a
new place.
Gumnuts have varied shapes depending on the species and many resemble perfect small vessels
which have inspired me to have explored these shapes using various clays, surface treatments and
glazes in order to make one-off pieces.
My ongoing interest in archaeology has been a source of inspiration for ‘Allusive Linage’ a group of
four pieces and for ‘Neoteric shapes’.
Ancient pottery finds are common in Denmark and reveal a lot about past cultures. Interestingly
some prehistoric vessels have shapes similar to those gumnuts confirming to me the feeling of
connection to other makers through working with clay.
All my pieces are thrown on the pottery wheel. Some have been fired in a wood-fired kiln at
Tallarook. The others are finished in the electric kiln at 1280 degrees in my studio in Heidelberg.