‘Stratum’ Hatch 2016

2016 Banyule Art Salon Exhibition at ‘Hatch’ Gallery.

June 23, 2016


I have worked with clay for many years and the attraction to the earthy nature of this medium still feels strong. Shaping pieces from earth itself and making glazes from components of rock always challenges the continued experimentation and exploration.

In developing these groups of shapes my  aim is to impart particulars that are important to my own sense datum. The surface treatments refer to elements such as sand, rock, water and salt .The ‘split’ shapes allow the viewer to have a look ‘inside’ the piece.

Having lived in both the northern and southern hemisphere I have always maintained an interest in nature- picking up yet another smooth pebble on a beach and enjoying visits to new places.

I hope that this collection of shapes will serve as ‘terrestrial mementos’ for the viewer.