‘Terricolours’ test tiles 2015 Canberra

From ‘Belonging’-embodied commentaries inspired by place

December 1, 2015


From ‘Belonging’-embodied commentaries inspired by place

The Australian Ceramics Association Members Exhibition Canberra 2015

Artist Statement

In 2015 I have lived half my life in Denmark and half in Australia and I feel I belong in both countries. There are places where I have stayed for periods of time and experienced a sense of belonging often related to the natural environment. My piece will consist of a number of clay pieces strung together.

Like test tiles these show a glaze with text. These glazes and descriptive text will reference a certain place including the geographical coordinates and therefore these tiles act as a memory datum to a time and place of importance to my belonging.

‘Terricolours’ was used as the image for the exhibition poster.