Memento Lene Kuhl Jakobsen

‘Haven’ exhibition on Heering Island Gallery

‘Haven’ is the exhibition on Heering Island Gallery.
The title of my entry is Memento 13’03’17’S 130’54’18’E

The coordinates in the title refers to a special place in the Litchfield
National Park in the Northern Territory.
There a clear stream flows gently over the rock bed,small plants grow in the
crevices and together with the insects and birds a ‘paradisical’ environment
of natural beauty can be experienced and enjoyed.Exploring and spending time
in such a place generates a calm and positive frame of mind.With the
‘Memento’ piece I aim at invoking a similar feeling of curiosity, stillness
and contemplation in the person who views it.

Click here to download an invitation to Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2013