Pan Gallery Edaphic North Exhibition

‘Edaphic North’ at Pan Gallery 2009

‘Edaphic North’ at Pan Gallery Melbourne 2009.

‘(edaphic’ means ‘of the soil’ or ‘influenced by the soil’)

The works for this exhibition was made as a response to a residency at the Erik Nyholm Ceramic Studio in Denmark not far from where I grew up.

Erik Nyholm had an unconventional approach to materials, textures and colours and his ceramic works such as large platters and sculptures retain a fresh and unique expression even many years after his passing.The Art Museum in nearby Silkeborg show many of his works.

The studio is situated in a lakes and forest area and the natural environment influenced an exploration of new ways of working with textural surfaces and colours.

I used the materials at hand in the workshop and attempted to learn from Nyholms works.I studied the history of the ‘Cobra’ art movement of abstract expressionists and its connection to Nyholm.

My pieces were fired in the big old gas kiln with the expert help of a potter friend from Kobenhavn. Some of these wall pieces I brought back to Melbourne and showed in the exhibition, others were made in my Melbourne studio.

I explored the theme of ‘seasons’ as a theme for ‘Edaphic North’ as I recognized how much seasonal changes influenced my responses to working in the northern hemispere again.

The experience of spending time and creating works at the Nyholm studio taught me to continue my own discovery in clay and to always stay curious along the way…..

Melt Water
Rain Drops
Red Reflection
Summer Berries
Autumn Vessels
Bare Branches
From the Meadow
Icy Surface
In the Stream