2011 Manningham Victorian Ceramic Art Award

Title: ‘con-template’ ( group of 3 ceramic shapes)

The 3 shapes are made from composite parts of wheel-thrown stoneware which have been assembled to create angular and not quite straight contours.
These shapes therefore stand obliquely and the incised lines and coloured glaze sections enhance the perpendicular profiles.
I intend my work to convey a contemporary look though also allude to influences from past ceramic traditions.
During recent travels in India I observed the ceramic decorations on the old monuments and the colours used on the High Court Building by Le Corbusier in Chandigarh..
New buildings in our city environment often appear as square and almost featureless towers made from glass,steel and concrete.
The intention for my group of 3 shapes is to elucidate the idea that buildings could be built out of square and have round outlines. Surfaces could consist of areas displaying strong colours and varied textures.
I ask the viewer to contemplate the idea, by applying their imagination, that these 3 shapes become templates for something much larger.