LKJ Allusive Lineage.jpg 2

2014 Ceramics Victoria Heering Island Exhibition ‘Vessel’

This group of pieces were included in the 2014 Ceramics Victoria Heering
Island Exhibition titled ‘Vessel’.

Artist statement from
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen.

The inspiration for ‘Allusive Lineage’ (group of 4 vessels) were some ancient ceramic ‘collared’ pieces in a Danish Museum. These dated back about 5000 years to early Stone Age. Studying such pottery finds reveal information about the early cultures and knowledge can be gained about their way of life but often we cannot know for which purpose the pots were made.
Using clay and ones hands to make pottery pieces can invoke a sense of connection to those past makers. Their pots –some with finger marks-intrigue us with questions some of which will remain unanswered.